1. The A Team

    Julian, Logan and Derek were all settled in Logan’s room for the night. Laughing out loud at Logan’s spot on imitation of Blaine, jumping on the sofa and exaggerating his singing expressions. 

    ”Jules, you’re the actor. Do Logan” Derek said in between laughs, Julian’s smile disappeared and he snapped his head around. Inappropriate thoughts popping up in his head


    ”Yeah, do an impression of me. I would love to see the famous Julian Larson acting as me.” 

    Logan took out his sixth beer for the night out of his mini fridge. Then walked to sit on the bed next to Derek’s laying down form.

    The Saturday night had started out with the three of them sitting in Logan’s room, trying to finish their homework. But being Stuarts, they were all quick to finish. Since neither one of them wanted to waste a perfectly good Saturday night they decided to get drunk in Logan’s room. Maybe it wasn’t the most exciting night of any of their lives, but it was fun. Getting drunk with friends and having fun together, they didn’t do it enough. Mostly because they were busy studying or Logan had Warbler practice or Derek was with some girl or Julian was of on some movie.


    Julian stood up, determine to make the best Logan impression there ever was. 

    He went out of the door and closed it behind him, leaving the two boys inside looking confused. 

    ”Since when do I just walk out of doors. Your impression sucks Jules!” Logan said to the closed door. 


    After that it shot open. Julian standing there with teeth grinding and furious eyes. He slammed the door behind him and started pacing around the room. 

    ”So I’ve got this new boy toy. But he likes someone else and why the hell does he do that? I am Logan fucking Wright. I am the best singer in this fucking shit school and I am blonde and like really hot.” Julian said, earning a glare from Logan while Derek laughed louder than he had earlier during the night. 

    ”It’s probably because I live in Stuart house and not in fucking Windsor! Or the fact that I am a pill popping, coffee addict.” 

    Luckily, Logan was already pretty drunk. So were the other boys but Logan did calm down a lot when he was drinking. He was actually enjoying the show. Derek still laughed, laying on his stomach in Logan’s bed.

    ”No wait. I finally figured it out” Julian said, still acting as Logan, pacing around, throwing papers around him. ”It’s because of you guys. Because of the diva and the slut! If it weren’t for you guys I would so have the boy toy by now” Julian said, thanking god that Logan had almost gotten over Kurt and didn’t take the joke so hard, also the fact that he was drunk. 

    Julian picked up his phone and pressed it to his ear. 

    ”..Oh hello senator” his voice was dripping with poison in a perfect Logan impression. 

    ”FUCK YOU” then he threw his phone on the bed and bowed at the boys’ laughter and cheers. Derek was actually crying from laughter by now, Logan didn’t laugh but he did smile and looked amused. 


    Julian went to lie down between his friends. Taking the beer that Logan had in his hand and finishing it. 

    ”Not okay dude, get me a new beer” Logan said, at this Julian just snorted and threw the empty beer can in the trash. Logan began tickling Julian in the sides, the actor jumped out of the bed immediately. 

    ”Fine, your majesty, I’ll get you a new fucking beer” 

    ”While you’re up. Do an impression of Derek” Logan said as Julian tossed a full beer can at Logan, which would have hit his head if Logan’s reflexes weren’t fast.

    Derek looked up, excited to see what Julian would do with that. 


    Julian accepted the challenge and took both his phone and Derek’s in his hands. First he pulled one of them up to his ear. Settling down by the desk with feet on the table. 

    ”Hi girl. What you doing, what are you wearing?” Julian said, running his, not phone occupied hand through his hair. Logan burst out laughing at this and Derek laughed too. 

    ”Hang on there is someone on the other phone” he picked the other phone up bringing it to his ear. ”OH Casey! Hi, how are you doing? I really miss you- No what do you mean, I never hang out with other girls.. Hang on I’ve got a call on the other line.”

    He picked up the other phone again.

    ”Lara, how are you gorgeous-Lisa! I mean Lisa of course.” 

    Both Logan and Derek laughed loudly at this. Lucky that everyone in Stuart was afraid of Logan, no one dared to come and tell them to shut up.

    ”Someone on the other line- Hello?- Hey Rose. Sorry babe I can’t go out tonight I have this…thing that came up. -no that thing hasn’t come up yet, I might tonight after my date- I mean my…ehh… I have to go, Bye Rach, I mean Rose!”

    Without doubts, Julian was the best one to do impressions. Derek was rolling around on the bed laughing and saying ”that is just so me” over and over again. 


    ”Casey, you still there? Yeah of course we are going out tonight if you want too. Do you understand how long I’ve been waiting for you to say you finally have time? Me, Derek, the biggest player of them all. I sleep with girls just because they look like you, I am secretly in love with you, you see I-” 

    Julian was cut off by Derek taking his phone from Julian’s ear, looking furious. Oh, maybe the actor had hit a nerve. 


    ”I’m not in love with Casey, and that was not funny” Derek said still looking down at Julian who started laughing out loud at the sight of his best friend. 

    ”I thought it was great Jules” Logan said, holding his hand up for his friend to high five it, which he did and then turning back to Derek grinning. 

    ”Shut up Wright” Derek snapped. 

    ”Oh, little Derek is in love with little Casey isn’t that the cutest thing” Julian said, trying to pinch the cheeks of Derek who slapped the hands away. 

    ”You think it’s funny? Fine let me do the impression of you” Derek said and Julian’s smile flushed away from his face. He shook his head at Derek, but the athlete didn’t care. Logan starred with frowned eyebrows at his two friends. Derek looked Julian straight into his eyes the whole time.

    ”My name is Julian Larson, I’m in magazines all the time and I am a total diva. Also I could get anyone I want, but I rather sit in my best friend Derek’s room and cry because I am completely in love with Logan Wright, and I run of every time he falls for someone else. I can’t say anything to him either because he will turn me down. So I go to Hollywood and fuck random blonde guys and a few times I actually screamed out Logan’s name.” 


    Both Julian and Logan starred in shock at Derek. Julian almost started crying, his best friend let out his secret, and now Logan knew. What the hell would he do? 

    Derek starred down at Julian and raised his eyebrows in a sort of ‘now-we’re-even’ kind of way. Then he left the room slamming the door behind him. Logan’s mouth was hanging open and his eyes had turned their focus on Julian who starred back with massive eyes. Waiting for something to be said. 

    ”What just happened?” Logan said and Julian looked down on the floor. Wondering if he should run out of the room. But something kept him there. He wanted to know what Logan would say back, the truth was out now. Nothing he could do about it. Might as well see what the squid will say in return before Julian jumps on the next plane to Hollywood. 

    ”..Is it true? What Derek said?” Logan asked, trying to compose himself, but that wasn’t the easiest. His best friend had just reviled that his other best friend, the famous Julian Larson, was in love with him. He already knew the answer. They had known each other long enough for Logan to know the look of shock and betrayal that glowed in Julian’s eyes. 


    Julian swallowed and took a deep breath. 

    ”Of course not! Why would I be in love with someone as…someone like you” Julian said, forcing himself not to cry. He made his way for the door but Logan was faster and rushed in front of it to keep Julian there. 

    ”Logan. Move” 


    ”Logan, please, get the fuck out of the way before I make you” 

    Logan locked the door behind him and stepped closer to Julian, he made a crooked smile.

    ”Not before you tell me” he said firmly.

    ”Fine! You want the truth? Yes I am in love with you but I have no fucking idea why, I can barely stand you. Sure you are really good looking but… I just don’t know why okay? And I know you don’t love me back, so please let me leave.” 

    Julian said, not being able to stop the tears from streaming down his face anymore. Logan felt his heart sink as Julian’s tears ran down. 

    Logan was just in front of Julian now, wiping a tear away with his thumb. Effectively making Julian look up, sure his eyes were cold and hurt but he still looked up. Logan pressed his lips towards Julian’s. The actor was so shocked that he opened his mouth, allowing Logan to slip his tongue in. 

    There was no love, no sweet kisses; this was teeth, need, dueling tongues and lust. 

    Logan turned them around and pressed Julian to the door, holding his hands over his head with just one of his own hands. 

    The other was busy exploring the beautiful body of Julian Larson. Julian moaned into Logan’s mouth as he could feel a hand running down his stomach. 

    Logan pulled away and started to kiss down the actor’s neck. 


    ”What the hell are you doing Lo?” Julian said with heavy breaths, not complaining, he just wanted to know. 

    Logan stopped the kisses and placed his mouth next to Julian’s ear breathing heavily.

    His hands were on Julian’s sides now while Julian had one in Logan’s hair and the other on his low back. 

    ”You didn’t know that I was in love with you in freshmen year did you?” 

    Julian’s eyes grew to the size of the moon. 

    ”..What..?” Logan drew his head back and looked at Julian.

    ”It’s true, from the moment we became friends until’ I met Blaine, all I could think about was you and how much it sucked that I couldn’t tell you because you were straight and would never feel the same for me.. Ironic isn’t it?” he chuckled before returning his lips to Julian’s neck. 

    Julian just stood there, completely in shock. Logan whined about Julian’s lack of commitment and grabbed his ass with a strong hand. Julian still didn’t move. His brain wasn’t working at the moment. 


    ”Is there something wrong Jules?” Logan asked.

    Julian snapped out of his thoughts and looked confused at Logan. 


    Logan raised his eyebrows, eyes still a bit foggy from the beer he had been drinking in what seemed like ages ago. 

    ”You don’t want to do this anymore or what?” Logan gestured between the two of them and Julian forced himself not to cry as he looked into Logan’s eyes.

    ”Not like this… I have to go” Julian stepped away from Logan’s grip and started collecting his stuff, Logan just watched him but right before the actor was walking out the door he grabbed his wrist and whispered. 

    ”Don’t go…” Logan’s lips were kiss swollen and his eyes shone with genuine care for Julian. But it didn’t matter. Because Julian had sworn to himself ages ago that if Logan would ever find out, there was no way in hell Julian Larson would be a sympathy fuck. 

    ”Why? So you can have a quickie? I am not your fucking sex buddy Lo!” 

    ”I know… Just, so we can talk? Please?” 


    Julian’s tension dropped and he looked at Logan. 

    ”..Okay. But first I have to go beat the crap out of Derek.” Julian said with a small smile tugging on his lips. 

    Logan laughed and let go of Julian.

    ”I’ll be here waiting for you. Give him a thanks for me while you’re there” 

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